ICO Review: Atomz – simplifying crypto currency investing

ICO Review: Atomz – simplifying crypto currency investing
October 03
10:46 2018

Atomz is an investment platform which aims to bridge the gap between the crypto currency market and the general public, making the process of buying and selling easier and safer.

  • Project name: Atomz

  • Token symbol: ATZ

  • Website:
  • White paper: Atomz Whitepaper

  • Hard cap: $12 million for 68% of the tokens

  • Conversion rates:

  • 1st Round for Private Investors: 1 ATZ = 0.0008ETH

    2nd Round for PRE-ICO: 1 ATZ = 0.0012ETH

    3rd Round for ICO: 1 ATZ = 0.0016 – 0.002ETH

  • Maximum market cap at ICO on a fully diluted basis: $25 million


The Atomz project is planning to create a crypto investment dashboard which will emphasize on accessibility and security of the users. As we all know, the cryptocurrency market reached almost 1 trillion at its peak at the beginning of the year, attracting thousands of new people and capital. The daily trading volume reached billions of dollars and many coins saw a drastic rise in their price and meanwhile newbies were FOMOing into unprofitable trades losing a lot of their capital. Atomz aims at protecting peoples’ investments by making the cryptocurrency investing as easy as possible.


The product they will release focuses on three main components. Firstly, they are launching a cryptocurrency advice service – the Atomz Index. The Canadian based company created an algorithm which will constantly evaluate a variety of digital tokens available on the market. The evaluation will be based on multiple currently undisclosed trading strategies, formulas, and trend analysis and will ultimately help end users to choose which coins are worth investing. Customers will be able to track the coins’ index for a given period of time and even customize their preferred coins and projects. The service will be highly beneficial to newcomers in the crypto market, for which is really hard to pick solid crypto projects among the thousands of coins currently available on the market.

In addition, Atomz will be one of the first crypto projects to offer cryptocurrency packs. Basically, they will offer a bulk of different cryptocurrencies combined in something similar to what mutual funds are to stocks. The price will be determined based on the prices of all the coins within the pack at the current time and customers will be able to choose from packs with different combinations of coins. This will enable the Atomz customers to diversify their portfolio of tokens with basically one click.

The third tier of their product is focused on the more mature crypto enthusiasts, which are already familiar with how the market works. Atomz will launch a trading bot based on the Atomz Index which will help people save time in researching profitable trades by trading instead of them. Customers will be able to fully customize the bot based on their own preferences.

All in all, the Atomz have a well-rounded product offering, which will be equally beneficial to different kind of users – from pioneers of the crypto trading to newcomers. Their proposed Atomz Index, despite still being in beta, looks very promising. In addition, if the crypto market turns bullish again and we see the volumes from the beginning of the year, there will be an increase of traders and newcomers who will need the services provided by Atomz.

Token utility

The native token of the platform will be ATZ, an ERC-20 token with a limited supply of 25 million tokens. The token main use will be to access the dashboard and be able to use the offered functions. In addition, consumers will be able to buy the Atomz’ investment packs only with the ATZ token. All participants in the ICO which contributed more than 0.16ETH will have lifetime access to the Atomz index. If the ICO is successful this will guarantee a substantial number of initial users of the platform.
All in all, the token value will appreciate proportionally to the number of users of the Atomz platform. Combine this with the limited supply, which ultimately should generate scarcity and we have an opportunity for huge growth.

Token Metrix

Atomz will create 25 million tokens which will worth an equivalent of around $25 million. There will be three stages of the token generation event, which are differently priced from $0.40 for Private investors up to $1 in the public ICO. The funds will be collected in ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, ETC and DASH with the use of CoinPayments’s payment system. This will make the contribution ways more diversified while simultaneously more secure. The supply will be distributed as follow:

Atomz token distribution

Atomz token distribution.

The collected funds of the three stages will be distributed mainly for Research & Development and Covering operating costs. Also, Atomz plans to give 25% for marketing their platform by bounties and intense marketing activities. This will be crucial for obtaining and strengthening the user base. A good thing to point out is that the team is planning to give 5% of the funds to charities, which is rarely seen within the crypto sphere. The chosen charity will be decided using the proposed voting system, which is also a good way to test this feature.


The team behind the company is based in Montreal, Canada and currently, consists of 16 people. The CEO is a young entrepreneur with previous software development experience, named Anton Otaner. On first glance, you can not miss that the company is in a way family run. His sister runs the marketing and community while his father is listed as one of the advisers. He is the CEO of another Montreal based company, which operates in the IT Consulting business and looks big enough. The highlight of the team is the Atomz moral support manager – a dog named Teddy, well its the highlight for me as a dog lover. All of their team can be seen in the pictures above:Atomz Team
Atomz Team
Atomz Team
Atomz Team


I think the Atomz project is interesting and aimed at a good niche. The crypto market volatility disappointed a lot of newcomers, which left the market with enormous losses. If the project succeeds in reaching them in the future, their platform should gain significant traction and user base. In addition, we are all expecting a bull run with trillion of volume and MOON missions, which are basically all the conditions a platform for traders needs to triumph.
On the other hand, I think the current market conditions are not good enough for attaining the needed funds for a succesfull ICO. Most of the projects that ran their ICOs in the past couple of months failed to collect the needed funds. So there is a real risk that Atomz will not be able to obtain the needed capital, which will drastically cut their ability to marketing and promote the platform, which is crucial for the project.

For more information visit:

Bounty thread in Bitcointalk forum
bounty0x Username: doprikov

This is not an investment advice folks – do your own research before investing. Crypto and Chill!

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