Why Quantstamp is important for the ecosystem?

Why Quantstamp is important for the ecosystem?
February 22
12:22 2018

Cryptocurrencies are making an impressive progress as we speak. There are more and more users, the findings are growing and possibilities these virtual currencies have to offer are better day after day. But, when it comes to ICO, recently we were able to see a lot of fear among the users. That’s why Quantstamp comes to action.

Quantstamp is a new type of community which targets the smart contracts regarding the Ethereum network. In addition, Quantstamp targets to make audits much quicker and far more reliable. At the moments, they may take up to a few weeks or even months. With this new technology, audits and contracts should be much shorter, up to few days or immediate.

The second purpose of Quantstamp community is to make ICO and virtual currencies generally safer, to protect them from hackers and to ensure ultimate safety of these investments. At the moment, it is a still new community, but we believe that it has a steady growth to offer in the near future. In essence, this new technology has a positive effect on the virtual currency investments and it guarantees higher profits than usual. After all, Quantstamp is one of the rare communities that is solely based on the virtual currency users and their safety.

When it comes to drawbacks, there are no any. Quantstamp is safe, reliable and it is spreading as we speak. They have already completed auditing a couple of very successful projects such as WeTrust and Insights Network, more to come soon.

After all, it is something that ICO and Ethereum ecosystem needs. We all remember the DAO hack or Parity wallet hack where hundred of millions of dollars in ETH were locked. On top of that hackers are getting constantly getting smarter and trying new ways to scam people like the recent Telegram scam inside a community, we reported on. Every crypto company should take measures to prevent similar event to happen.

Last but not least we should mention the person behind Quantstamp – the CEO Richard Ma, he is a proved professional and he made a name in the crypto industry. He has already been advisor of few successful ICOs. Richard was a victim of the DAO hack and now his company explores and fixes security vulnerabilities of smart contracts.

At the end, all we can say is that Quantstamp has a huge chance to become something special, something each user will want to use. Yes, it is still treated as a small and not a lot of people knows about it, but soon, this will become a real game changer.

If you want more information, check their website:

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